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APC Tracking Not Working – Why & What to Do…

You’re expecting a delivery via APC Overnight and the tracking doesn’t seem to be working.

What should you do if this happens? Will your package still turn up in time?

Let’s take a look…

APC Tracking Not Working – Guide

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If your overnight delivery tracking stops working it can be very frustrating.

Unfortunately, there are several accounts of APC Overnight’s tracking alerts failing to be sent online, which has prompted me to write this article.

These issues manifest as delayed, inaccurate, or missing notifications, leading to a lack of transparency regarding the delivery status of their packages.

At best, it can be difficult to time yourself to be in to accept the delivery.

At worst, the deliveries are seriously delayed and miss the overnight element of the service, (which doesn’t come cheap).

Clearly, this impacts the overall customer experience.

Potential Causes of APC Tracking Not Working

Several factors might contribute to the malfunctioning of APC Overnight tracking alerts.

1. Technical Glitches


Like any digital system, APC Overnight’s tracking alert mechanism could encounter technical glitches, such as server downtime, database errors, or software bugs.

These issues may disrupt the smooth functioning of the alert system, resulting in delayed or inconsistent notifications.

2. Communication Failures

The reliability of tracking alerts heavily relies on seamless communication between different entities, including courier drivers, local sorting facilities, and the central tracking system.

Network connectivity issues or miscommunication between these components could compromise the accuracy and timeliness of the tracking alerts.

3. Human Error

In some cases, human error, such as incorrectly inputting data, failure to scan the package upon pickup, or overlooking critical steps in the delivery process, can lead to tracking alert failures and or inaccurate and missing notifications.

What to do if Your APC Overnight Tracking Stops Working?

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If you are experiencing issues with APC Overnight tracking I recommend that you take the following steps to help mitigate the problem.

1. Contact APC Overnight Customer Service

The first course of action is to reach out to APC Overnight’s customer service department.

They can provide assistance, troubleshoot the issue, and offer guidance on resolving the tracking problem.

You can contact APC Overnight here.

2. Provide Relevant Information

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When contacting customer service, it is helpful to provide specific details about the shipment, including the tracking number, date of shipment, and any relevant information or error messages received.

This information will assist the customer service representative in investigating and resolving the issue more efficiently.

3. Request Manual Updates

This won’t always be available to you, however, if the APC tracking system is clearly not functioning correctly, (and they acknowledge technical problems), you can ask customer services to update you on the status of their shipment.

This may involve contacting the local depot or courier directly to obtain real-time information on the package’s whereabouts, as well as having them contact you regarding progress.

4. Monitor the APC Overnight Website

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While resolving the tracking issue, you should also regularly check the APC Overnight website for any updates or announcements regarding system maintenance or known tracking issues.

The website may provide additional guidance or estimated resolution timelines for the problem.

5. Keep Records of Contact & Issues

Throughout the process, it is crucial to document interactions with customer service, including dates, names of representatives spoken to, and any reference numbers or case IDs provided.

These records will be useful for future reference and escalation if necessary, and the package ends up missing or damaged.

By following these steps, customers can actively engage with APC Overnight’s customer service and increase the likelihood of resolving the tracking issue promptly.

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