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Amazon says Delivered but No Package (COMPLETE GUIDE 2023)

You’re excited about your latest order from Amazon and you’ve received an alert to say that the item has been delivered. This comes as a shock as the package is nowhere to be seen.

So what do you do when Amazon says delivered but there’s no package?

Let’s take a look.

FIRST STEPS: Amazon says Delivered but No Package

Amazon says Delivered but No Package

Before you jump on the phone or online to contact Amazon or the carrier responsible for delivery, there are a few steps you should take.

Check Around the Property

Do not assume that because the item is not in your mailbox or on your porch that the package is missing.

Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and USPS drivers are instructed to leave packages in safe places that are protected from the rain and if possible persons of dubious intent.

In other words, the item could’ve been left in a place out of sight that you didn’t expect.

Under the porch, behind pots in the backyard, entrance to your garage space, you name a crook and cranny and there is a chance your package has been left there.

Furthermore, just because one driver normally leaves a package in a specific place, doesn’t mean that a new driver will have the same thought process.

Essentially, you need to exhaust all possibilities that the package has been left someplace around the home before you take any further steps.

Remember, you might also be looking for a notice to say that an attempted delivery was made, so be on the lookout for this too.

You should also talk to everyone else that lives within the property, to ensure that they have not handled the package or delivery notice themselves.

Verify Your Shipping Address

verify amazon address

So, you have looked around the home and found no package from Amazon. Now it’s time to check the address details you used. 

I have been guilty of this one. Amazon allows you to have more than one shipping address saved within your account.

I have my brother’s London address saved so that I can order items as gifts for family back home.

I have ordered items to my current residential address before without checking the details properly, and have ended up sending Amazon items to the wrong country!!

While you probably haven’t made as big a mistake like that, you might easily have selected the wrong address if you have more than one saved in your account.

You could have also thumbed a typo if you were entering address details the first time.

So, to ensure all is correct there, you will need to check your Amazon account under “Your Orders”, and click on the invoice and order information.

This will tell you where the order was shipped to. If the address is correct, the search for the package continues.

If you’ve made a mistake you will be able to either make arrangements on how to collect the item or will need to contact the Amazon/carrier about the issue.

Check the Tracking Details Again

tracking details search

The next step if all is correct above is to check your tracking details again.

Carriers use countless types of tracking alerts and many include the word delivered or delivery.

You might have easily scanned the details and misread an update such as “out for delivery“, which means on the truck for delivery, not as yet delivered.

There are also “Scheduled Delivery”, “Pending Delivery” and “Delivery Option Requested”. All of which could be misconstrued if read with a glance.

Looking back on the tracking details on the carrier website or Amazon account (depending on the carrier responsible for delivery) will confirm this either way.

Note: If you are unsure which carrier is responsible, you can always tap your tracking number into a universal tracking app such as

The Google search bar also works in the same way. It will scan your tracking number across the major carrier systems to find information on the package and its location.

Also, there is a small chance that the item was misscanned and has since been updated. A different update here would be evidence that the item has yet to be delivered and that you do not need to panic.

Talk to the Neighbours

The final practical step you can take before going through the process of contacting Amazon customer services is to talk to the neighbors.

The delivery driver may have left the item with them if no one could be reached at the delivery address.

If no package was left there, you could also ask your neighbor whether they had seen an Amazon van (or another carrier) in the area that day.

Do not ask just the households on either side of you. The driver may have seen a neighbor on the opposite side of the street or a few doors down.

At the very least it will give you a chance to chat with others close by. If the package was delivered to your address, someone may have seen it and will be able to confirm.

NEXT STEPS: Amazon says Delivered but No Package

phone call

Okay, you have now gone through all the steps above in search of your Amazon package and there are still no signs of it.

The next set of steps involves getting on the phone or online to contact Amazon or, if known, the carrier responsible for final delivery.

Contact the carrier

If the “alleged” delivery was clearly made by USPS or one of the big three (FedEx, UPS, DHL), you can save time by contacting them rather than Amazon regarding the missing package.

If USPS, you call the customer service hotline (1-800-275-8777) or find the number of the local post office directly.

This will enable you to find information on the actual delivery, (sometimes the person taking your call will be able to contact the driver directly to see confirm whether the package was delivered, where and at what time, etc).

Similar steps can be taken with any other relevant carrier too. Namely, getting through to customer services or the local office to speak to someone more closely responsible for the delivery.

This will provide you with valuable information on where the package might be and what has happened to it.

Visit the Nearest Carrier Center or Post Office

PO Locator USPS

If you would prefer to talk to someone face to face, you also have the option of visiting the nearest carrier center or post office to raise your issue and find out more.

You should check operating times for this and when looking into visiting a carrier center, confirm that they do have public-facing staff on hand to help.

Much like making the phone call, talking to someone at your local facility should provide you with information on how the delivery was made, and why the package has gone missing.

Call Amazon Custom Service

Strangely, for advice on what to do when Amazon says Delivered but No Package, contacting Amazon customer services is one of the last steps.

This is because you will only be able to take support staff based potentially thousands of miles away from your address.

When it comes to delivery support, they will not be able to shed much information.

However, you do need to talk to Amazon when it comes to beginning the refund or replacement process.

If you’ve reached this stage and no package has been found, this really is the next step.

Amazon customer service on 1-888-280-4331. There are also email and live chat options as well as the ability to make contact on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

It is important that you have gone through all the above steps first, as Amazon will want to know that the package really is missing before a refund/replacement can be processed.

This includes giving the carrier enough time to have made its own investigation into the missing item.

Report an Amazon Package Stolen

Missing Package That Shows As Delivered Amazon Customer Service

We will deal with stolen Amazon packages in a standalone guide very soon. The fact is, with 49 million Americans experiencing porch theft in 2021 alone, it is very possible that your item has been stolen.

If you have reason to believe you have been the victim of Porch Pirates and need to make a claim, there is a specific process you need to go through with Amazon.

Amazon will provide you with the necessary resources to get your money back or replacement, including your overall rights to make a claim and whether this is covered by Amazon, the shipper, or otherwise.

The police may also have to be involved so that you can obtain a crime number to go alongside your claim.

As I say, watch this space for an in-depth guide soon.

Preventative Measures: Amazon says Delivered but No Package

Having an Amazon says Delivered but No Package situation is frustrating, to say the least.

Here are a few ideas to help you prevent it from happening again in the future.

Delivery Instructions

enter delivery instructions

This starts with ensuring that your address details are absolutely correct. From there, you can actually offer specific instructions when you place your Amazon order.

This includes providing details for the Amazon driver on what to do with packages once they reach your property.

This is especially helpful for apartment owners, those living in gated communities, etc. In other words, if obstacles exist that can complicate deliveries, you can provide information on what the driver should do. 

Signature upon delivery

Amazon drivers do not need to take a signature upon delivery. This can open the door for porch theft and items going missing.

However, this Amazon policy does not stop you from requesting that your delivery be signature required.

Specify this upon making the order and the driver will not be able to leave the package if no one is around to leave their signature.

Use a DropBox / Collection Point

If you know you are not always around to collect an Amazon package and you do not like leaving deliveries unattended you should think about using a dropbox or Amazon collection point.

This will keep your deliveries safe until you are in a position to pick them up.

Final Words

An Amazon says Delivered but No Package situation is understandably a headache. The important issue is to not automatically assume that your item has been stolen.

You should systematically go through the steps described above, and with any luck, your package will be nearby.

If not, you will have the means of obtaining a refund or replacement should the package be missing or stolen.

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