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Accepted in Consolidated Warehouse AliExpress – A Short Guide

You’ve just checked the tracking status of your AliExpress order and you’ve received an “Accepted in Consolidated Warehouse” update.

You’re now confused. What does this mean? Is your package on its way or will there be a delay?

Let’s take a look…

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Accepted in Consolidated Warehouse” AliExpress Meaning?

“Accepted in Consolidated Warehouse” is a status update you will receive if you have ordered more than one item from AliExpress at the same time and the shipment is to be combined. The items have been accepted into an AliExpress facility (the consolidation warehouse) so that they can be processed and have a single tracking number attached.

Where are my Packages When I Receive an “Accepted in Consolidated Warehouse” Update?

The acceptance into the consolidated warehouse occurs early on the shipment journey. In fact, it is one of the first steps after you have made your order and the seller has dispatched the items.

This can only happen if you have selected a combined delivery order at checkout via your AliExpress account.

Bear in mind that not all vendors will offer combined delivery. Furthermore, not all items can actually be combined for shipping purposes.

Accepted in Consolidated Warehouse

Is There Anything I Need to do When I Receive an “Accepted in Consolidated Warehouse” Update?

The answer is no. The system is fully automated with the packages being redirected to the consolidation warehouse if a combined delivery order is made.

It is here that the items are consolidated and the new, single tracking number for the entire shipment is created.

At the most, you should keep an eye on your AliExpress tracking details for further updates on progress.

What Happens After an “Accepted in Consolidated Warehouse” Update?

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The next step after this update is release to the carrier service that will be responsible for the first part of the shipment, (i.e transit of the package from the AliExpress warehouse to the port of exit from the origin country).

Status alerts you can expect next include, “Dispatched from Sorting Center”, “Accepted by Carrier”, and “Received by Line-haul”.

All of these signify that the package is continuing as it should, and is being prepared for export out of the origin country.

What Happens if my Tracking is Stuck

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If your tracking status does not move on from this update for more than a few days, it could be that there has been an issue with the consolidation process.

In the first instance, you should contact the seller with which you made the combined delivery order.

They will be able to look into the situation. If the seller is not helpful, you can contact AliExpress for more information on what to do and to potentially raise a dispute.

Similar Update: Inbound Success in Consolidated Warehouse

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The “Inbound success in consolidated warehouse” status alert essentially means the same as accepted. Inbound means that the items have entered the warehouse and success means just that. The shipment has successfully entered the warehouse ready for consolidation with relevant items.

Final Words

The “Accepted in Consolidated Warehouse” AliExpress status update is a standard alert you will receive if your order is a combined delivery shipment.

It is to notify both seller and recipient that the package is about to be consolidated into one before export. 

Assuming the process is carried out without any issues, there is nothing either party needs to do.

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