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4PX: “In Transit, It’s Progressing Through Post Network”

You’re expecting a package from 4PX and have received an “In Transit, It’s Progressing Through Post Network” tracking alert.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your shipment when you receive this update and how far is it from delivery?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: In Transit, It’s Progressing Through Post Network

The “In Transit, It’s Progressing Through Post Network” tracking update from 4PX means that the shipment is moving through the postal network that will deliver the package. In the USA this could be USPS, in the UK, Royal Mail, etc.

In Transit, It’s Progressing Through Post Network – Guide

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This update is a standard one from 4PX and is sent toward the end of the shipment journey.

As 4PX is normally used by customers for cost-effective international shipments, it would generally mean that the item has landed in the destination country and is within the relevant post network.

When all is going to plan, the “In Transit” part of the update means that the package is inside a truck and is moving toward a sort facility or post office closer to the location of the recipient.

How Long Until Delivery After this Update?

In Transit, It's Progressing Through Post Network

This really does depend. In a best-case scenario, your package is just 2 or 3 days away from delivery once the “In Transit, It’s Progressing Through Post Network” alert is sent.

The item is inside the destination country and making its way through regional facilities toward the recipient is basic logistics.

The problem comes if your tracking ends up stuck on the update.

What does that actually mean in reality?

Tracking Stuck on “In Transit, It’s Progressing Through Post Network”

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The reason you have reached this article in the first place might be that your package tracking seems to be stuck.

If you have seen this update with no newer alerts for several days, (maybe even a week), your package is probably experiencing delays.

The first step you should take is to check the tracking page of the postal service in your country.

In the USA, this would be the USPS tracking page.

Simply punch in the code that you have to see if the item is moving through the post network and you haven’t been receiving the updates.


You can also try a universal tracking app such as 17Track and Parcelsapp.

These will scan hundreds of carrier databases for any details of your shipment. If it’s moving, and being scanned, these methods will help you know about it.

If after this it seems as if the package is genuinely stuck, you can choose to call either 4PX or the postal service relevant to your country.

What Happens After an “In Transit, It’s Progressing Through Post Network” Alert?

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When the package is moving as it should, it will pass through the post network via sort facilities and delivery offices (post offices).

Updates to look out for include: “Arrival at Unit“, “Departed USPS Regional Facility” and “Out for Delivery

Final Words

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Overall, the “In Transit, It’s Progressing Through Post Network” alert from 4PX is a standard update that lets customers know the package is moving inside the postal network of the destination country.

As with any form of logistics, delays can still occur at this stage, which means you will probably need to contact both 4PX and the postal service in your region.

When all goes to plan, however, delivery should be just a few days away after you have received this update.

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